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Hotel La Perla
Hotel La Perla 1 Br / 1 Ba
$65 /night
(DBL Occ./Max Occ. 3)
Ocean Sounds
Ocean Sounds 2 Br / 2 Ba
$150 /night
(6ppl; Max Occ. 6)
The Villa
The Villa 4 Br / 4 Ba
$530 /night
Pavones Paradise
Pavones Paradise 2 Br / 1 Ba
$55 /night
(DBL Occ./ Max Occ. 4)
Casa Siempre Domingo
Casa Siempre Domingo 4 Br / 4 Ba
$500 /night
Casa Paraiso
Casa Paraiso 2 Br / 1 Ba
$100 /night
(Quad Occ./Max Occ. 4)
Sunset Lodge
Sunset Lodge 2 Br / 1 Ba
$180 /night
(up to 4 ppl.)
Soul Contento
Soul Contento 1 Br / 1 Ba
$75 /night


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Visiting Costa Rica?

We have chosen Pavones, Costa Rica because of its beautiful natural landscapes, seascapes, the lack of hustle and bustle, the remarkable Golfo Dulce and the best waves on Costa Rica´s Pacific coast. Pavones is what the rest of Costa Rica used to be! A natural wonderland of a place to live and visit with water activities, hilltop vistas, nearly 20 miles of continuous beaches, breathtaking full ocean views, and unparalleled sunsets! As close as paradise ever gets! When you stay in one of our rentals, we believe you will agree -- this is why you came to Costa Rica!!

Sure, it takes a touch more time to get down here to visit us in Pavones; but, with the newly connected Coastal Highway from San Jose all the way to Golfito it is so much easier and enjoyable getting here than it was in the past! And, you will take in more tropical ocean scenery than you will see visiting any other part of Costa Rica. Or, with two different carriers with scheduled flights into nearby Golfito from San Jose, you are here faster than ever!

Come see what is quickly becoming Costa Rica´s future horizon for green eco-based tourism! There are so many exotic species of birds, butterflies, animal and aquatic life that the Pavones area is a veritable zoo of nature! Whales enter the Golfo Dulce three different times of the year and The Golfo Dulce is considered one of the only places where the Northern and Southern Right whales converge together.

Pavones Costa RicaWe are located a little bit at the end of the road; but, isn´t that where you really want to be?

Those who come to visit Pavones generally return! More and more Pavones is becoming that place people want to discover, rather than visit the other places already discovered! It is the Costa Rica you´ve envisioned and imagined!

From cottages, to houses, to very nice homes, we hope we have something to fit your desires and budget. We believe our services have you feeling you are familiar with the area and you feel you know us before you arrive here.

Pavones promises so much in the way of activities and adventure. Not only do we have horseback rides on the beach, adventurous hikes to waterfalls, world-record offshore and inshore fishing and world-famous surfing, but we also have the living accommodations to suit your pocketbook while here with us.

Pavones is a little more for the adventurous individual and families so please do not expect 5-star accommodations, complete with room service, because those do not exist in Pavones. Everyone who lives and visits here, however, has found it to be a safe place for themselves and their children - a nature paradise to experience and share with their families and friends. Take the time to come to Pavones, Costa Rica and visit our friendly bi-lingual staff at Pavones Best Rentals. We look forward to meeting you!

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